Jaia - ReWorks

Label: Tribal Vision Records
Format: CD & Digital, Album
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: Nov 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Progressive Trance

    Track List:
  1. Mai-Mai (Silicon Sounds Remix)
  2. Driftin Planet (Astronivo & DJ Slater Remix)
  3. The Milky Way
  4. Electric Sunrise (Even 11 Remix)
  5. Serial Groover (Jaia Live Mix)
  6. Out Of Orbit (Vibrasphere Remix)
  7. Serial Groover (Kiwa Remix)
  8. Drifting Planet (Martin Roth Remix)
  9. L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs (Blue Planet Corporation Remix)

No way that you can call yourself pure true admirer of progressive trance music If you not enjoyed the sounds of well know, great progressive trance producer under the name "JAIA". Yannis Kamarinos, great legend of mentioned style, after a series of very successful releases, this time brings us huge collaboration with lot of very successful big names like Blue Planet Corporation, Vibrasphere, Silicon Sound, some of, for my term, new awesome producers like Astronivo, Kiwa, Martin Roth, Aurora Borealis, also well know collab project between Jaia and Silicon Sound "Even 11" and of course head cheef of releasing label Tribal vision, DJ Slater. There is few great hits from earlier days that contain today's elemnets of new progressive style with minimalistic touch. I can say that all the remixed version is very much worthy of earlier original ideas. Lately, I'm a big skeptic of remixed tracks version, which can not be said for this release. Except of minimalistic beats and forms in tracks, I'm really glade that producers retained melodious. Of course, no matter of that was one of my favorite tracks, remix of "The Milky Way", on this release, shared the same position as the original version. Simply, this is a theme that always buy me. Other tracks also, contain so much positive energy and beautiful warm colors of sound. All of them play calm and easy flow, but at the same time have club polished and dynamic expression. For my mind, pure enjoyment.
Otherwise, becide lot of housy elements in almost every track I totally like to say that beat at Vibraspheres remake is the best on whole release as for me. Also great background with acid lead from an old great times. Perfection!

Kiwa has become "Mr. Oizo flat beat" in this remix. Rubber drive with a drop of break beats. I like it. Totally different approach from other. So, practically, here we pass through different styles. And at the end cup of ambiental spirit by Blue Planet. Nice. According of access to today's electronic music this CD will find the way to the many, different style, cases.

I need to mention that I'm extremely pleased cause Tribal Vision is publisher of this release. I think that sound is more the fit in to their story. Another big, another important!!!



Ministry of Primitive Arts - Prototype EP

Label: Nachtstrom Schallplatten
Format: Vinyl 12" EP
Country: Germany
Release Date: Aug 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

    Track List:
  1. A1. Prototype
  2. A2. Seven Seconds
  3. B. Prototype vs Seven Seconds

We are talking about well known duo, which has built their careers apart in other tremendous projects like X-Dream, The Delta, Desonanz, Noosphere...

Niels Paschen and Marcus C. Maichel decided to join their forces and create a unique style project called "Ministry of primitive arts", in order to give the world their vision of perfect sound which is recorded on debut EP "Prototype" and it will be released on one of the German major labels, Nachtstrom Schallplatten. And their vision is dry techno beat tinged with elements of deep trance oscillations and recognizable style and arrangement of tracks. You can hear that incredibly strong and massive bassline is a little bit separated from other elements and it's playing a leading role in this story, like some superstar in Holywood movie. Whole groove is sitting in "backstage", behind the bassline, so that other elemnents have more freedom to become main creators of atmosphere in songs, playing their role perfectly. It's so impressive to hear many simulations of old science fiction lasers in totally analogue form. Even now, when they are using a new way of filtering options, you can still "smell the industrial rust". Tracks sound "fat" and dark enough. I believe that club walls will agree with my oppinion. Even at my home, I can sense the fulfillment of every dark corner or low lighted areas of club which are possesed by deep and massively compressed rhythm. Perfect monotony of tracks is what thrilled me the most!! This is the sound where oscillations and changes are needless, you just need to keep on driving, without traffic-lights that can stop you. Open highway. Sweet monotony is the most important thing here and thats what makes this genre complex, to keep attention of listener without loosing him. To make him beg every second for just one kick more and more and more and never to stop! Hypnosis. And to be totally honest, I hope that this newly formed project will not stand on this one release. No. I hope that this is just one big "Good evening" but not a "Good night". New techno era continues.