Manmademan - Children Of The Light

Label: Ektoplazm
Format: CD & Digital, Album
Country: UK/Canada
Release Date: Jul 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance

    Track List:
  1. Different Form
  2. Tribal Mentality
  3. Stillness Within
  4. Conscious Creators
  5. Procession
  6. Light Craft
  7. Flower of Power

After almost two years, suddenly came a surprise! Free released album again on electronic scene! Something that deserves every possible music media, again is being presented without any support, label nor big announcement. When it's about this kind of project, like Manmademan, something like that isn’t needed at all so that the listeners would be attracted to such a masterpiece of far and from long time ago famous ones masterminds Sonya and Paul.

I expected similar conception to one on last album, which they used to start their "free to listen" era revolution and which idelas they became for such great names as Talamasca and others. The album is a multiform of many today's electronic styles that are combined into one very well composed and synchronised unity. By opening the album with one beautiful psy-downtempo-ambient track they gave us one starting tempo of this whole story over soft and floating tracks all the way to industrial gigants and psychedelic fat baselines which present southafrican style of production of inovative trance sounds, but then again holding it all in one english underground style. Magical! Vocals are as expected. Colored by metal effects and robotic intonations. Real clubbish and manly sound. From track to track, it can be noticed that the influence of good old oscilations on the octaves with acid leads are kept the way they were. If you take the dust of previous albums and take something like Union Jack, Empirion, Awex, Ganlog, etc., you'd realise the way they streched out that irreplacable way of aranging and playing. I just love that conception of theirs used in working on an album. For example, I'll just mention, i have chosen one of the releases on my label exactly because of the influence of the mentioned conception and the approach of the working on album. It's about the Excizen project and his LP that came out in february this year. Music doesn’t have too much similarities with Manmademan but as I said I was attracted the context of the album and his arrangement that can be recognized with the very same album that I’m describing. simply, for me, its a special way of presenting everything that the artist wants to put on one record. And as i said, there are various of sounds on those 7 tracks that are in a symbiosis with each other no matter what style they represent. Quality is yet again confirmed along with the experience of many years of working that the artists have behind them.

I would recommend whole album with no exceptions. Simply no need to except anything. Someone might like some tracks more than others but as far as I'm concerned, every track got me in its own way.

I want more of this music!!!


Fuzzion - Free Tibet EP

Label: Boshke Beats Records
Format: Vinyl 12" EP, Limited Edition
Country: Canada
Release Date: Feb 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House

    Track List:
  1. A1. Closer
  2. A2. No Adress
  3. B1. Chordless
  4. B2. Free Tibet

We are dealing here with a very advanced and extraordinary product of the new techno revolution that includes an essence of every kind of sound. When we say Fuzzion we think about many earlier releases in the respected Boshke Beats, as well as in other leading labels that presented us the sound of this talented Russian producer, Vladimir Kozlov.

This new EP on vinyl from Boshke Beats, brings lots of tricks and melodies on dry and minimal beat, which will be well accepted on many clubs. Every track is full of spontaneous compositions with different pads and melodies that in certain moments transform into effects and create the concept of the track. What personally thrilled me was the fact that unlike in previous releases, here Vladimir gave himself plenty of freedom to experiment. We can also discover many symphonic elements of strong ambient character that are connected to the techno style only by beat. It’s one perfect combination of different styles of music. I would be happy to DJ some of these tracks, on some of the alternative / chill stages on festivals.

Although I’m not a producer, I would venture to say that the production of this release doesn’t need many comments in any aspect. Everything is simply perfect. Crackling, crystal clear and treated with care. The length of the tracks, in my opinion, plays very important role and is strong enough for the mix.
The energy can be seen in every sample and emotional elements aren’t excluded either. And then the inevitable distortion in some parts will bring euphoria to the dance floor with what I call pleasantly irritating sounds. I simply love and fully support that kind of communication by sound. I also really like the vocal pad in Chordless. It’s like a strawberry on the top of whipped cream of some fine but complex dessert. If perfection exists, I’d describe it exactly like this.

Recomendation: Well, I recommend the whole release, but I must choose a favourite, I’ll single out the tracks on the A Side- Closer, with its extremely emotional theme; And No Address, where also emotional moments dominate and make beautiful 6 minutes. Extraordinary record. Deserves lots of dancefloor moments.