VA Vanguard 2

Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: Feb 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance

    Track List:
  1. Vibrasphere - Isolation (Hidra Remix)
  2. Astronivo - Reaching Alizeta
  3. Brisker & Magitman - Saint Elmo
  4. Tegma, Duca & DJ Slater - East Block (Komytea Remix)
  5. Miki Litvak - Winki Style
  6. Duca - Technology
  7. Yotopia - Offset
  8. Johnson & Haske - Breeze
  9. Peter Gun - Ebrium
  10. Nipp - ORL (James Harcourt Remix)

After such a great success with the first Vanguard compilation, I can say that Tribal Vision repeated same sound formula for the second time. After listening to Vanguard 2 compilation, I have discovered new, great, positive energy in their taste of sound. Nice and precisely selected lower tempo tracks with lot of space for catching the dancing moves between beats.
Morning style with many emotional melodies and uplifting backgrounds which make the bass sound a little bit higher then usually. In every single track on compilation, you can hear crystal clear elements which are floating over the low bass line frequencies and fat leads, keeping the composition above and under the ground at the very same time. I surely believe that the tracks like this can, literally, hold you or hug you on the dance floor. Ok, this is maybe nothing new for this kind of music production, but it certainly can be whole new experience for body and soul. And that's what music is for, to make us coming back for more.

Artists who appeared on this VA, from original producers to remixers, are selected very carefuly to make the whole composition of this release and that was the main reason why I have described whole release in global instead of describing each track individually. Lot of well known names and veterans like Vibrasphere, Duca, Slater, Yutopia, Tegma, Peter Gun and some names that few years ago were new for me, like Johson & Haske or Komytea - guys that I remeber by their extraordinary track "Lost in Kyoto" which was a great track in that period. I've noticed that they are using some unique style on basslines. This can be their brand Beats of every track on this VA are great for mixing and combining, so this is actually very DJ friendly release for many different kinds of DJ sets. You can play it in minimal, progressive house, tech-house, in a little bit harder techno and of course in indispensable trance sets.

There are many elements in all tracks that take a part in each of these styles. Techy beats, trancy melodies, progressive breaks, effects and rubber pads, bassline that fits in good. Everything else is just a matter of taste. One big, pumping and melodic release which I declare totally successful! And of course, I suggest that all morning style and disco club DJs pay their attention to this CD, for spinning it 'till late mornings!!!

Raise up Your hands!


RPO & David Weed - Industry Part 2 EP

Label: Tribal Vision
Format: Digital EP
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Techno

    Track List:
  1. Industry Part 2
  2. Industry Part 2 (Perfect Stranger Remix)
  3. Industry Part 2 (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte Remix)

Mexican duo David Weed & Rick Pier O'neil in new progressive techno release for Tribal Vision. Hm, I can say one really cool admixture of artists and label and still we got here single with remixs of Perfect Stranger, Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte. 
Lot of people on this EP. Must be super!
So lets hear.

1. Industry Part 2 (Original Mix)
Classic minimalistic techno start with beat. Tiny percussion playing drum theme and gives to beat ride. Must say really DJ friendly start of track. After bassline start, track become kind of completed even if it goes like this till the end. I don't mind, actually I like it. After while break comes and beautiful morning pad play all over the rhythm elements except kick. So that makes break time. In one moment i was surprised with changing direction of arrange cause at this moment break in track become loud start rising in different way. Real cool club moment. But I must say that still no one knock down with that kind of breaks, Armand Van Helden in his the best track ever "I Can Smell You"! Anyway, track theme comes again and we have double enjoyment in relative short composition. I like when track duration is longer, especially if its extended DJ version.

2. Industry Part 2 (Perfect Stranger Remix)
Just love new album of Perfect Stranger and of course that I was expected of this remix really cool ideas. Consider on style from new album I supposed that will sound like minimalistic tecky sound. For me pretty cool. Remix is pretty decent but pure club style.
Hehehe that kind of groove never miss. I like it. Real warm up thing. For shore the job is done here 100% great. Break is phenomenal I must say that. From light to dark and then back to the groove. Awesome arrange of composition! I like the end of track.

3. Industry Part 2 (Logiztik Souns & Mauricio Duarte Remix)
At one moment I bethink that its about same track as original mix but after while i twig that is about one fine remix. Pad motives are nice, I just don't like they disharmony with bell or bubble effect in rhythm. It can be pretty cool dream dance track on dance floor. Actually it is. Consider of me, mine favorite is original mix for shore. I bethink between Perfect Stranger of original mix but after couple of time listening, original wins!

Clubbers enjoy!!! Absolutely!!!